Karno Energy BIM structural services

Successful knowledge transfer depends, among other things, on the knowledge of the Karno Energy consultant https://karnoenergy.com/bim-structural-services/ . Our interdisciplinary team consists, for example, of architects, civil engineers (specializing in construction work), marketing managers and sales experts. Karno Energy draws on more than 30 years of experience in graphic and alphanumeric software development . We are also a member of the buildingSMART and GAEB working groups. We get the most out of “active BIM” for our customers every day and – over the years we have learned the challenges and dealt with them with optimized processes – in line with the motto “BIM Best Practice”.


What Karno Energy provides to its customers: 

  • 3D BIM Services
  • 4D construction planning and site logistics       
  • 5D cost monitoring and procurement management
  • MEP BIM Services
  • Point cloud in BIM
  • Creating the Revit Family
  • Quantity Surveying
  • 3D executive documentation
  • BIM conflict detection and risk mitigation


Karno Energy – Implementing structural BIM services


Once the Karno Energy BIM strategy is in place, the challenge is to implement the BIM method of operation in a way that can be used successfully in the design business. This complex and crucial phase requires, on the one hand, well-founded BIM know-how and, on the other hand, a view of the big picture. In day-to-day construction and real estate work this is often not the case due to time or technical reasons.

Karno Energy supports our clients in the successful implementation of BIM and accompanies them in exhausting their digitization potential. Karno Energy offers this service to our customers after the joint development of a BIM strategy, or to other stakeholders who already have a strategy and concrete implementation plans and need support.

Karno Energy services include organizational support to customers and stakeholders in the implementation of BIM. In addition, we detail the measures identified as part of the BIM strategy and develop customized requirements for our customers through detailed workshops and interviews. In principle, the implementation of BIM requires both external and internal resources. We advise our clients on this. Our work is based on four factors that we always question: process, technology, documentation and people.

  • Process: Karno Energy develops customized processes with our customers to maximize the potential of BIM.
  • Technology: Karno Energy helps our customers develop software concepts. With our software-independent advice, we guarantee the best solution in each case.
  • Documentation (guidelines): We develop company-specific BIM standards that can be used in projects (e.g. AIA, BAP).
  • Human: We develop training strategies for our customers to consolidate special knowledge on site. In this context, we offer our own seminars and work with certified cooperation partners.


Areas of activity and services of Karno Energy

Lean Construction


  • Lean Production and the “last planning system”
  • Process analysis and process representation
  • Optimization of existing processes
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Modeling
  • BIM use cases and self-optimization
  • Training Factory
  • Digital lean construction
  • Lean innovation management

BIM project

  • BIM objectives/use scenarios and BIM documentation in customer information requirements (AIA), BIM processing plan (BAP)
  • BIM document review
  • Risk / competency analysis for the first project
  • Service description
  • Internal / external customization processes
  • Software and interface management

Actual BIM application

  • Introduction / implementation of BIM, concept, planning and support or project management
  • Needs analysis, BIM objectives / BIM use scenarios and areas of the company
  • Budget planning of implementation processes
  • BIM roles, service description, BIM personnel requirements
  • Change management
  • Software requirements and selection management

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